We’ve grown over the years

Discover our journey

We’ve grown over the years

Discover our journey


Our journey begins with Ken Macgregor (aka ‘Mr Mac’) and his family moving across Australia from Melbourne to Perth.In 1954 Ken establishes a pie and cake wholesale business, Bakewell Pies, in Northbridge. The name ‘Bakewell’ is a nod not only to the quality of the pies but also his Scottish heritage.

1960s & 1970s

With things going well for Bakewell Pies, in 1966 it’s time to move to a bigger site in Morley. Iain Macgregor, son of the first Mr Mac, also joins the team and by 1976 our official shop opens.To keep up with our ever-growing consumer base, automated pie lines are introduced in the late 1970's – allowing us to produce a larger volume of our now-famous pastries.


In the 1980's the Mrs Mac’s brand is born and aims to set new standards for Australian meat pies, pasties and sausage rolls.We also pioneer the glass-front pie warmer, which drives sales through attractive in-store displays. Soon after, the first shipment of Mrs Mac’s pies heads outside Western Australia to the Northern Territory and beyond.


During the 1990's we successfully expand into the eastern states and New Zealand. To keep up with demand, we upgrade the Mrs Mac’s bakery with new manufacturing and packaging equipment.Mrs Mac’s creates an innovative display unit that features an angled glass front and special lighting. Working with schools and health authorities, we develop our Good Eating range that has reduced fat and sodium (now called Lite’n Up).


In the early 2000's Mrs Mac’s releases the Microwave range in Western Australia, which is soon launched into the eastern states. Building a new head office at our Morley site in 2002 gives us much-needed space.Later we export our Microwave line to select supermarkets in Singapore and Hong Kong. ‘Hot Hold’ display units are also introduced, with special heat-transferring technology and superior display for our customers.


Iain Macgregor’s passing in 2013 is a significant loss for Mrs Mac’s. Leaving a legacy of strong family values and commitment to quality, ownership remains safely in the hands of the Macgregor family.Mrs Mac’s secures several community partnerships such as the V8 Supercars, Australia Zoo and Optus Stadium. We are also the only Australian pie manufacturer to secure BRC Global Certification for food safety.


Fast forward to 2018 and the revised Mrs Mac’s brand nods to its rich history, promising the same great taste but with a fresh look. The new packaging showcases the Mrs Mac’s pledge to produce high- quality products using 100% Australian beef with the freshest ingredients wherever possible, and our crispy golden pastry. One thing that hasn’t changed is our tagline: If it’s not a Mrs Mac’s, take it back!
A firm favourite since 1954

Started by the Macgregor family, Mrs Mac’s has grown to produce over 100 million high-quality pies, rolls and pasties for Australia and New Zealand. If it’s not a Mrs Mac’s, take it back!

Our Mission & Vision

Mrs Mac’s is proud of our past and excited about our future. We strive to continue being one of Australia and New Zealand's great food companies, offering quality pastry snacks and meals. How? By being innovative, responsible and developing our people, who live our mission and vision every day.

Our People & Facilities

Employing over 330 people, Mrs Mac’s is grounded in traditional family values and committed to diversity. Many of our team members have worked for us for multiple decades and over several generations. Our head office and factory is based in Perth, with an office in Sydney and our reps spanning across Australia and New Zealand.


As members of the RSPO Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and Australian Packaging Covenant, Mrs Mac’s is committed to sound business practices that significantly limit our environmental impact. A bio-energy plant also turns our organic waste into electricity for the local power grid.

Quality & Safety

Mrs Mac’s is the only Australian savoury pastry manufacturer with BRC Global Certification – one of the highest food safety standards available. Our passionate, dedicated Quality and Operational teams ensure we achieve our strict quality and safety standards, with a focus on continuous improvement.

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