Our People

You can’t see Mrs Mac’s employees interacting without knowing we’ve got something special going on here.

Mr Mac always said a company’s only as good as its people.

A significant factor in our achievement has been the unequalled pride that Mrs Mac's staff takes in their work. With a traditional family-based corporate culture which values commitment and achievement, under the guidance of the Board of Directors, Mrs Mac's has provided secure employment for many families around Australia and New Zealand - in some instances for four generations.

Iain Macgregor led the business as Managing Director from a small, humble bakery to what we know as Mrs Mac’s today. His focus and commitment played a major role in the success of the business, leaving a legacy of strong family values and culture.

With the recent passing of Iain, the ownership of Mrs Mac’s remains in family hands.

In February 2015, Mrs Mac’s welcomed new CEO Paul Slaughter into the business. An experienced senior executive within food and fast moving consumer goods, Paul brings an additional level of professionalism and experience to the Mrs Mac’s team and will position the company for growth and expansion domestically and internationally.

Mrs Mac’s board members, head office and production are locally based in Morley WA with a team of over 350 across Australia and New Zealand.

Board Members:

Mr Peter Fallon – Chairman
Ms Kate Macgregor
Mr Robert Macgregor
Mr Rod Hager
Mr Tim Hantke

Executive Management Team:

Paul Slaughter
Chief Executive Officer

Mark Wege
Chief Financial Officer

Brian Griffin
General Manager - Operations

Drew Fairnham
General Manager - Sales & Marketing