Bay Leaves

Quality you can trust

Supporting Local

To make our mouth-watering delicious pies and rolls, Mrs Mac’s uses only the highest quality ingredients – with over 80% sourced right here in Australia.

Top Quality Meat

Our commitment to quality leads us to dice and mince all our own steak on site. Our beef pies are just that – beef. And 100% Aussie too! The same goes for our steak, chicken, bacon and pork pies.

Vegetables & Spices

We use the freshest vegetables wherever possible and a Mrs Mac’s resident spice expert creates our famous Mrs Mac’s flavours in the country’s biggest hand-mixed spice pantry.

Flour – An Essential

Mrs Mac’s uses flour that’s milled from 100% Australian grown wheat to make our pastry fresh on-site every day in the traditional way – layer upon flaky layer.