November 25 2021

Wayne’s World

Summer may be just around the corner, but you wouldn’t know it at the Mrs Mac’s cold stores. Meet Wayne, the man heading up our most chilled team! From paddock to pie lovers hands, every step is critical and this team work in minus 18 degrees every day to ensure orders are picked, packed and loaded for distribution around Australia and New Zealand.

Nobody is more qualified at what he does than Wayne.  He knocked at the door of the bakery at just 15 years of age, started work the next day at 3am in despatch for local deliveries and has been here ever since.

As Mrs Mac’s continued to grow and orders increased from around the country, the role in freight became full time and he was a supervisor at just 17 working his way to manager as others came and went.

“Mrs Mac’s has been my whole life really. I’ve met some great people along the way and made countless amounts of friends.”

“I’ve really enjoyed the journey watching the bakery grow from a few hand packed cartons put into the side of an old Bedford van to what Mrs Mac’s has become today watching up to 100 thousand cartons shipped out a week.”

When Wayne’s not hanging out in a giant freezer you will find him anywhere warm, usually the golf course refuelling between holes with his favourite pie, the Pepper Steak!