October 30 2019

Mrs Mac’s Invests in Innovation

Mrs Mac’s has reinforced its commitment to quality investing in the recent installation of new state of the art kettles with a focus on increasing capacity for innovation and meeting customer needs based on current and future consumer trends.

The new 1000L steam jacketed kettles feature the best technology available worldwide, using jet steam injection and allowing a more controlled cooking process, or more simply, the ability to sauté and braise resulting in improved flavours and delicious fillings.

Executive Chef Wayne Booth says, “These new kettles allow us to increase the depth of flavours naturally by hydrating our spices and braising to a long slow cook and yet sauté delicate vegetables to retain flavour and nutrients”.

The installation of the kettles also aligns with Mrs Mac’s organisational sustainability objectives and has been welcomed by the operating staff with a significant improvement on safety and the elimination of manual loading whilst the efficiencies in heating save on wasted energy consumption.