February 12 2019


For our iconic West Australian bakery, operating in the new 60,000 seat Optus Stadium from opening day has been a showpiece for demonstrating our ability to successfully operate in a large venue.


During 2018 we delivered more than 600,000 pastry products to hungry fans and corporate guests who were keen to enjoy our fresh local products as they watched big match footy, exciting cricket and big international acts like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.


Optus Stadium is notable for its intensive all year activity, including AFL games, all forms of cricket, international soccer exhibitions and large concerts that have already attracted more than 2 million visitors in the first year alone.


Our hard-working team have clearly established we have the production, sales and logistics capacity and expertise to operate in any big venue in Australia. We’ve worked closely with stadium management to supply the right product range, price points and meal deals for fans.


Mrs Mac’s General Manager – Sales and Marketing Drew Fairnham says in the initial months at Optus Stadium, our team were agile and focused on connecting fans to delicious savory pastry products anywhere and anytime in the venue. “Our goal was to ensure precise serving times, quality range of product offering and availability, and minimal wastage.”

Accessibility for fans was crucial to our success, with twenty retail locations throughout Optus Stadium, including a dedicated pie shop. It’s hard to be precise but we believe 1 in every 7 visitors at major events now regularly buy and eat a tasty Mrs Mac’s item.

As well as striving for rapid operational excellence in a brand new venue where there was no knowledge of fan behaviour or their routines before, during and after a game, our Mrs Mac’s team worked really hard to deliver a tailored product range that would suit all tastes.


Drew believes our success at Optus Stadium can be put down to Mrs Mac’s ability to deliver great fan offers through product bundling with deals like the WA Double Header Deal with Gage Roads – a celebration of being proudly West Australian


“We’re looking to translate our new large venue expertise to other significant locations across the country,” says Drew. “The high-profile nature of our successful partnership is bringing new attention to the Mrs Mac’s brand from Australia’s major venues and operators. For Mrs Mac’s, it’s a natural step forward to pursue similar opportunities on the East Coast as our pies and sausage rolls are already available in many stores.”


So we think if Mrs Mac’s is being enjoyed by fans at home, why not at their favourite venue as well?